White Poster Weights

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– 4 Inches in diameter and 1 inch tall. Each circle shape weights approx. 1.3 lbs. Perfect for holding things down.

– This weight is made with soft authentic nappa leather, filled with .7 mm steel shots, and heavy duty stitching

–  This set includes a total of 4 weights, perfect for flattening the 4 corners of large art, poster, prints, also used as a tool for framing and sewing

–  These weights come without any brand markings for personal customization. Even though the weight is heavy, the soft leather touch prevents any marks or damages while using.

– Use these weights for numerous things, often used for posters, paper, map, art, blueprints, pattern, sewing, cloth, office, desk, home décor.

Each set comes with 4 weights inside a carry bag
Weight of each unit - 1.3 Lbs or 20.8 Oz
Size of each unit - 4 Inches diameter, 1 inch tall

The weights are made out of 100% real nappa leather, and filled with microbead steel shots.